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Summer fashion

Sunglasses are no longer a necessity for the protection of eyes. They are today used as fashion accessories to look stylish and fashionable. With each passing year, there are new trends in eyewear introduced by designer labels and endorsed by celebrities around the country. As wintr ends and spring and summer seasons approach, here are some of the latest luxury sunglasses trends for you.


Double wire rim sunglasses



Double rim sunglasses have become a rage among fashion conscious men and women. Double rim, even though it appears to be redundant, gives a very interesting look to the individual wearing it. Most people prefer double rim that is thin and comes in a color different from the basic frame of the sunglasses Apart from looking stylish and new, double rim sunglasses are also very robust because of the additional support to the frame.

 Fitted Frame sunglasses



These sunglasses have become classic and timeless though they are becoming catchier and trendier with each passing year. The trend in sunglasses for 2018 will be marble frames, colored lenses, double rims, and ombre shades. Chanel, Roberto Cavali, Kenzo, and many other designers introduced aviators in interesting styles ay fashion shows this year.


Small framed sunglasses



Just when it seemed that wide frame sunglasses would engulf the world of eyewear with the trend of 90’s disappearing from the scene, tiny sunglasses with small frames magically made a comeback. Though these sunglasses are not ideal if you are desirous of complete protection from UV rays, these sunglasses have become the hottest trend in eyewear among teenagers and young adults these days. Instagram accounts of hottest celebrities are full of pictures where they are wearing these small specs. Do not forget to shop a few small frame sunglasses if you want to be labeled fashionable this year.

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